Vrhovine and Dragan’s Den are an ideal stop for you to get back the strength from long travels, read a book or two from a selection of titles we have carefully selected and keep in our hostel library; to take long, scenic walks and picnics, enjoying the peace of Croatia’s small, mountainous place. Those who are a bit adventurous will also not fall short for interesting activities with a great zipline in the vicinity, mountain biking, hiking, as well as with opportunities for different winter activities and joys such as skiing, snowboarding etc. Those who appreciate the work of great inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla might be intrigued to visit Nikola Tesla Memorial Center in Smiljani which is Nikola Tesla’s birthplace, also not far from Vrhovine.

When you arrive at the hostel you will do check in and tell us what activities you want to do and we will add you to the list.

Our schedule:

  • 8 AM shuttle bus to NP Plitvice Lakes. Price is 60KN per person one way. Payment is in cash to the driver.
  • PM shuttle Pick Up from Np Plitvice Lakes. Location of the pick is at Entrance 2 near souvenir shop and toilet. Price is 60KN per person one way. Payment is in cash to the driver.
  • Morning hiking to Zipline or highest mountain pick Bjeli Vrh.
  • The shuttle bus to Gacka for kayaking and swimming in ice river. Be ready for Bridge jumping too!
  • Relaxing at nighttime around the fireplace in nature, BBQ and playing music.


Other places near us you can visit and things to do, especially if you are with a car:


Otočac is yet another small place in Lika area, where you can find fish restaurants, have a coffee, ice cream, eat pizza and do the big supermarket shopping in Konzum or Lidle.


Gacke river and FlyfishingGacka is one of the best-known rivers in the world. The beauty of this surrounding nature, the ambiance, and the fishing opportunities are able to capture the hearts of all those lucky enough to ever come and visit the worldwide known beauty. Gacka has clear water and is extremely rich in both flora and fauna. In addition to this, you can visit old water weels, buy river fish, swim in ice river and do kayaking.


Grabovača is a cave park located in Perusic, Croatia. It is the elevation of the mid-Velebit, which is situated between the Lika karst plains and fields in Perusic, 2 km from the center of Perusic.


The wonderful sanctuary where young, abandoned bears are being taken care of. Sometimes, you can even pet the cubs!


To experience rafting on amazing Una river, you will have to pay a visit to the neighboring country, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, also not far from where we are.


Rastoke is the historic center of the Croatian municipality of Slunj. This old part of Slunj is known for its well-preserved mills and the picturesque little waterfalls as well as for the caves hiding numerous stalactites, stalagmites, and stalagmites. You are welcomed to swim here.

Where to next?